Welcome to Wiiji-Nitaawiginaawasojig Indigenous Birth Services

Culturally Appropriate Care that is personalized for each Indigenous individual


Our Purpose

Wiiji-Nitaawiginaawasojig Indigenous Birth Services has been founded by Indigenous Midwife, Hope Mayotte, in collaboration with numerous Indigenous Birth Workers. It is the newest services supported by and provided at The Ashland Birth Center. We offer a full spectrum of Indigenous Services and teachings from preconception through the first years of life. We provide safe respected space that is needed for Indigenous individuals, families, and community to receive the care that is needed to heal and create new traditions.


Why Indigenous Midwifery Care

“Indigenous Midwifery incorporates ancestral teachings to bring hope, sense of belonging, & pride in our identity as Indigenous people”

  • Indigenous Midwives have a deep understanding of the needs of the families and community we serve.

  • Indigenous birth services help reclaim sovereignty through ancestral teachings, practices and ceremonies.

  • Indigenous Midwives offer culturally informed holistic care that reduce barriers, disparities & trauma that indigenous people face due to colonization and discrimination.

  • Indigenous Midwives offer unique holistic care that emphasizes on the importance of relationships, balance and ceremony



Customized to your needs

  • Mino bimaadiziwin- The good life. incorporate 7 grandfather teachings into everyday life.

  • Use of traditional medicines: sage, cedar, sweet grass & tobacco.

  • Ribbon skirts, moccasins, moss bags, dikinaagan, and swing.

  • Birth fire

  • Birth lodge

  • Placenta ceremony

  • Meeting mother earth

  • Stories & songs

  • Indigenous breastfeeding support

  • Traditional herbal remedies


Meet The Team

Indigenous Birth Services Birth Workers & Ashland Birth Center Midwives


Indigenous Midwife, Wiiji-Nitaawiginaawasojig Owner
Doula, Indigenous Breastfeeding Counselor, Cultural Advisor

Hope Mayotte