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Indigenous Birth Worker Hope Mayotte


Boozhoo Ozaawaa-aanakwadookwe nindiiziniikaas, migizi nindoodem, Mashkiiziibii nindoonjiibaa. My name is Hope Mayotte, I am eagle clan and from Bad River. I am a self driven Indigenous Birth Worker, and a mother to six beautiful unique children: Mason, Audrey, Desiree, Rayne, Novalee, and Alina. They all have their own beautiful birth stories. As most birth workers, unfortunately, my journey began due to the discrimination and institutional racism I faced with the birth of my first child at the only local hospital. I knew I wanted different for the experience of birth for not only myself but for my son and our family. My midwifery care was healing, it was empowering, and it helped me find my voice and the fire in my passion. So throughout the pregnancies I had a hospital birth, birth center birth, water birth, home birth with traditional teachings, a lodge birth with teachings, and an unplanned unassisted home birth. My children are my world, they have been a part of this journey every step of the way. Birth, breastfeeding, ceremonies, and cultural teachings are our "norm". 

I am a Policy Council Member for the Bad River Tribal Head Start & Early Head Start and a community leader. When I am not doing all that, I love being outdoors. I enjoy fishing, hunting, gathering and harvesting, hiking, and being at the water. My family loves being at ceremonies, pow wows and big drum. I attend Ojibwe Language trainings and actively work with my children on their Ojibwe language. My culture and language changed me for the best, my ancestral teachings gave me the strength to live a sober healthy life to be able to support my people. For that I am forever grateful. 

I have been continuing my education in reproductive health justice for 5 years and have attended 30-40 births at the birth center. I attended two years at Midwives College of Utah where I learned a tremendous understanding and connection to midwifery. Trainings I have completed: Indigenous Birth Teachings-2017, DONA Doula-2018, Indigenous Breastfeeding Counselor-2018, Postpartum Healing Lodge-2021, Birthing Advocacy Doula Trainings- Full Spectrum Doula & Childbirth Education 2022. I presented for numerous webinars over the past 3 years. I have been awarded a micro grant for "Traditional Helpers & Healers" by Return 2 Heart Foundation. And most recently received an MCH grant to expand Indigenous Birth Services.

"I believe the way we birth our children is crucial sacred work, that impacts the future of the next seven generations to come." Hope

Minogi'aawaso - I am raising my children in a good way.


My Beautiful Family

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