Indigenous Midwife Hope Mayotte


Boozhoo Hope nindizhinikaaz ozaawaa-aanakwadokwe indigo. Migizi nindoodem Mashkiziibing nindoonjibaa. Hello my name is Hope, the spirits call me yellow cloud woman. I am eagle clan and I am from Bad River. I carry many titles: Indigenous Midwife, Doula, Indigenous Breastfeeding Counselor, Advocate, community leader, and best of all, mother. I am a mother to six beautiful unique children: Mason (8), Audrey (5), Desiree (4), Rayne (3), Novalee (20 months), and Alina (5 months). They all have their own beautiful birth stories. As most Midwives, unfortunately, my journey began due to the discrimination and institutional racism I faced with the birth of my first child at the only local hospital. I knew I wanted different for the experience of birth for not only myself but for my son and our family. My midwifery care was healing, it was empowering, and it helped me find my voice and the fire in my passion. So throughout the pregnancies I had a hospital birth, birth center birth, water birth, home birth with traditional teachings, a lodge birth with teachings, and an unplanned unassisted home birth. My children are my world, they have been a part of this journey every step of the way. Birth, breastfeeding, ceremonies, and cultural teachings are our "norm". 

I work full time for the Bad River Tribe as a Crime Victims Legal Support Advocate, I am a full time student, a Co-Facilitator for family prevention program: Biizindadedah Program, an Independent Merchandiser, and now owner of Wiiji-Nitaawiginaawasjig Indigenous Birth Services LLC. I am a Policy Council Member for the Bad River Tribal Head Start & Early Head Start and a community leader. When I am not doing all that, I love being outdoors. I enjoy fishing, hunting, gathering and harvesting, hiking, and being at the water. I attend Ojibwe Language trainings and actively work with my children on their Ojibwe language. My culture and language changed me for the best, my ancestral teachings gave me the strength to live a sober healthy life to be able to support my people. For that I am forever grateful. 

Minogi'aawaso - I am raising my children in a good way.


Our Journey

How We Got Here

Wiiji-Nitaawiginaawasojig Indigenous Birth Services LLC is owned and operated by Hope Mayotte. The Indigenous Midwifery journey began in 2015 when Hope learned about her 2nd pregnancy and had a traumatic first hospital birth. After searching for other options that would revolve around her son Mason being at the birth she discovered the Ashland Birth Center. After the consultation with Savita Jones and Dana Churness she knew it was exactly what her soul needed. After years of advocating for out of hospital births at the Ashland Birth Center, her desire for birth work was noticeable. An elder/mentor, Penny Charette, stopped over and invited her to join the Indigenous birth workers on the Red Cliff reservation where she learned her Indigenous Birth Teachings from Dorene Day. It was the missing piece that was needed on her journey. She then started her apprenticeship under Savita Jones in 2017 and enrolled in an accredited Midwifery school: Midwives College of Utah the following year. With the passion and drive that Hope shared she was supported by her preceptor to continue her dreams and officially open up her own Indigenous Birth Services, which is the first in northern WI and surrounding areas. Indigenous Birth Services is not just a dream about Hope’s Midwifery practice, it is to create a space for the community to support the overall well-being of Indigenous families. With fundraising efforts for individuals, Indigenous Birth Services are provided to all BIPOC individuals at no cost. It is extremely important to have people who can financially support the fundraising efforts of Indigenous Birth Services Program. Help us continue to grow by ordering from the store, wellness, and donate to the gofundme link in the blog.