Indigenous Birth Services Fundraiser

Boozhoo everyone,

I am hoping you are in good health and doing well. I am currently still working full time for the Bad River Tribe but not funded to provide Indigenous Birth Services/support. With the support of the Ashland Birth Center I started a GoFundMe fundraiser to fully fund a year of income for mine and my elders midwifery services to BIPOC. Please share and if you are able to, please donate to support Indigenous Midwife student Hope Mayotte and the BIPOC community. Allies are needed more than ever, and you are appreciated!


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Boozhoo, Hope nindizhinikaaz ozaawaa-aanakwadokwe indigo. Migizi nindoodem Mashkiziibing nindoonjibaa Minogi'aawaso Hello my name is Hope Mayotte, the spirits call me yellow cloud woman, I am eagle cl